Becoming A Beta Reader For Beginners

Learn how to become an Expert Beta Reader and Help Authors Improve Their Writing Skills

This is A Pre-Recorded Webinar

With Stephanie Davy

Available from:
Wednesday 12th June 2024

7pm UK Time


About This Webinar

Become a beta reader and be the secret weapon that helps authors polish their work before it hits the shelves! This webinar equips you start your journey as a Beta Reader & show you how to give insightful feedback, making a real difference in the success of a book.

What's Included?

Pre-Recorded Webinar with Expert Beta Reader, Stephanie Davy

Discover how to effectively share your thoughts with writers

 Learn to give constructive criticism that helps, not hurts.

Learn how to find beta reading opportunities & turn your passion for reading into profit

Meet Your Tutor

Stephanie Davy

Stephanie has 18 years of professional experience in retail banking and teaching, coupled with a degree in English obtained while working full-time and being a lone parent. Transitioning from traditional employment to self-employment during Lockdown, she found her niche working online as a professional beta reader and book blogger and has now worked on over 1000 projects from all over the world. .

Stephanie Davy

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