Off-Grid Living: The Basics of Homesteading Live Webinar

Learn the basics of sustainable living and self-sufficiency in this comprehensive webinar to off-grid and homesteading practices

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With Asli Mohamed

Wednesday 24th July  2024

7pm UK Time


About This Workshop

Have you ever dreamed of living a more independent life, closer to nature? Homesteading might be for you! In this webinar, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to kickstart your homesteading journey, even if you’re starting from scratch.

What's Included?

2 Hour Live Interactive Webinar including Q & A with Asli Mohamed

Learn the basics of homesteading and key considerations needed to live a self-sufficient and eco-friendly lifestyle

Discover practical skills for raising your own food, like gardening and animal husbandry

Inspiration and motivation to start your own homesteading adventure

Meet Your Tutor

Asli Mohamed

Asli is a mother, wife, beekeeper and owner of an organic farm in Belize. 6 years ago Asli and her husband moved to the beautiful country of Belize in search of a quiet place to raise their family. The move was a part of their goals of living an off-grid, sustainable life in paradise.

Decentralization as a lifestyle concept is, “not putting all your eggs in one basket.” For us that means having many places to call home around the world, multiple income streams, and diversity in all forms, of assets, financial and otherwise, this is how we choose to explore freedom. For the last few years we have been enjoying creating our sustainable off grid organic farm, and health and wellness businesses here in northern Belize.

Our farm; With just our own hands, we set out to establish our farm here in as natural a way as we could, rather than bringing in the bulldozers and construction crews, we, as a family, cleared, cultivated, planted and built, with our own hands, our house, our farm buildings, guest houses, fruit orchards, gardens and the works… chickens, beehives, fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, coffee and chocolate, it’s all part of it, so is homeschooling the kids.

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Asli Mohamed